Wearable technolagy

Wearable technolagy

// January 26, 2023

In today’s age technology is everywhere, from in our pockets to on our wrists. Technology is advancing at a rapid rate too and there’re many features you may not even be aware of. When it comes to fitness these types of technology are so helpful, they are simply changing the way we lose weight and get healthier. 


For many of us technology is too advanced and we have no idea what half the apps on our phones are used for. If we take the time to look through these apps and learn about them we will find many benefits for example if you use an iPhone, or any smartphone for that matter you will be able to track your step count. Now many of you may say how is that relevant to my health and fitness. Well, in one of our previous blog posts, we spoke about NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis), which is exactly as it sounds; activities we perform to burn calories that do not fall into a specific exercise category, for example, walking.  


So, by using our phones and/ or smartwatches we are able to track specific factors throughout our day such as how many steps we took, how many calories we burnt and how far we walked or ran in a single day. You may think this is so unnecessary to achieving your goals, but they are quite the opposite. They provide a benchmark for you on where to go and what to do in order to reach your goals. 


Let’s say for example you want to lose weight and by checking your phone for previous days, weeks and months on how far you’ve walked, how many calories you’ve consumed and how many steps you’ve taken you can see exactly what you have been doing and how you have been to be at your specific weight. Now, taking this into account you are now able to improve on any of those factors or all of them in order to get to your goal. So, if you were previously walking 5kms per day you can make a conscious effort walk and extra 2km everyday to reach your goal or lets say you were burning 1300 calories (kj) per day you can now perform extra activities during your day to burn 1500kjs per day. 


This is where technology can greatly benefit us and if you would like us to show you more ways in which technology can benefit you and help you achieve your goals please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. 




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