Personal training

Personal training

// January 26, 2023

Many individuals know about personal training and personal trainers but have never experienced firsthand what it is like to have a personal trainer. Yes, there may be some negatives such as cost for example but there are many more benefits than there are negatives in having a personal trainer.  


Many individuals find it difficult to train on their own and they need a training partner such as a friend or personal trainer to motivate and help them through your session. The main difference between training with friends and with a trainer is friends will often tell you what to do and help you with exercises you think you know but do not necessarily know at all. When you train with a personal trainer though you can rest assured every exercise you do will be of sound knowledge and expertise of the personal trainer.  


When training with a friend or when you train on your own for example and you plan a workout you may be planning a workout that is not necessarily good for you, this is why so many people experience injuries in the gym. When you train with a personal trainer however everything is calculated, such as your goals and measurements associated. A trainer will program a specific program custom for you which will lead to maximum progress and minimal risk.  


When training it is often best to train with someone who has the correct knowledge to help you achieve your goals and motivate you to do so, this is where a personal trainer, again, is very useful. A personal trainer is not there to just set you a program, he/ she is there to motivate and ensure you get the maximum benefit from the session. This comes back to expertise, for example, if you train with a friend you may attempt a new exercise that you both are unsure of, if you instead tried the exercise with a personal trainer you can guarantee you’ll be at minimum risk of injury compared to attempting it with your friend. 


A personal trainer ensure you stay on course towards your goal too.  He/ she does this by use of periodisation, which is simply setting a program for you over a number of weeks and/ or months and slowly and steadily helping and pushing you to achieve your goals in a systematic way.  


For more information on personal training, get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.  


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