The Importance of exercise – in sport, office and life

The Importance of exercise – in sport, office and life

// January 26, 2023


We often see or hear how important exercise is when it comes to staying healthy and feeling our best without knowing much about how exercise truly benefits us. In this blog post ill talk about how exercise can benefit you in different aspects of your life. 


Exercise can benefit you in your work environment in many different ways, including strengthening vital muscles. When you are finished with a busy work day for example how often do you find your upper back muscles are very tight and stiff? This is common place because many people working at their desks, crouching over for 8 hours a day are placing stress upon those muscles leading them to tighten and seize. By incorporating an exercise program to increase strength in those muscles as well as in your deep core muscle you will be able to support your body weight more, sit properly and therefore decrease the amount of pressure and stress placed on those muscles. This will lead to you feel much better when you are working and when you get home after a long day of crouching over at your desk.  


Exercise can benefit you if you are involved in sport too. If for example you are an avid cricketer, rugby player or even football player, you may find sometimes you play opposition who are better than you are and it becomes frustrating. Although playing the sport in general is exercise itself it still doesn’t feel good when you lose or when an opponent is better than you are. By incorporating an exercise program to increase your strength or agility or hand eye coordination specific to your sport you will find you will get better at your sport and in doing so you will feel better.  


If you don’t experience these problems at work and you don’t partake in sport; simple exercise is so beneficial for you anyway. By exercising you are increasing your heart rate and blood pressure and therefore your oxygen transport around the body increases resulting in an increase in overall energy. On top of this there are ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters being released into your body which do exactly that, they make you feel good.  


The important thing is not to focus on what kind of exercise to partake, but it is to simply partake in any exercise in order to feel good.  


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