The importance of nutrition in the workplace

The importance of nutrition in the workplace

// January 26, 2023

In our busy day to day work lives we often do not take much notice of our diet because often we find ourselves being too busy to focus on what we’re eating. Correct nutrition is vitally important in our work lives and eating the right food at work will lead to an increase in energy, focus, overall wellbeing and therefore improved productivity.  


Correct nutrition leads to an increase in energy because that is exactly what food is, it is fuel for our bodies, however, when it comes to lasting energy throughout the day we need to eat healthy food to have sustained energy for longer. At work for example, when we find we are busy with meetings and cannot get something healthy for lunch we may find we grab a quick snack here or there to keep us going that little bit longer. This is great for the short term because the snack you eat has a high amount of sugar which our bodies burn quickly, leading to a sharp decrease in energy after a very short period. If, instead, you were to grab a healthy sandwich with wholemeal bread you would find you would have sustained energy for longer. 


By eating correctly at work, we can improve our focus dramatically, for example when you are working at your desk and haven’t had anything to eat in a while you may find your stomach will start rumbling and you find yourself distracted. This is commonplace, it is simply your body telling you to address the problem at hand which is hunger. Once you’ve eating you will be able to focus more efficiently again back on your work. A good way to prevent this from happening is to keep some healthy snack at your desk, for example some nuts, raisins or small fruits.  


Eating at work as well as eating the right food at work is very important for your overall wellbeing too. Sometimes you may find you don’t eat enough or you eat unhealthy food, this will, in turn, affect you negatively, leading to an increase in weight for example. 


Improved nutrition, focus and overall wellbeing will lead to improved productivity at work. With more energy, you can do more work efficiently, with improved focus you will be able to get more work done more efficiently too and with an improvement in your overall wellbeing you will feel better throughout the day and therefore will be able to do more work than if you weren’t feeling good.  


If you have any questions about nutrition in the workplace please feel free to reach out to us and we will answer them as best we can. Keep an eye out for more interesting articles like this on our website.  


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