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Our Personal Trainers

Talha Life Fitness, we have experienced, highly skilled and industry recognised qualified personal trainers. Our trainers come from a range of different backgrounds, specialising in different forms of training such as rehabilitation of injury or pain, prehab preventing future injury. Development of specific fitness abilities such as maximum strength, power or endurance. Using different aspects of resistance training with weights to body weight – Yoga , Pilates, Calisthenics and many other concepts. We understand each individual is different and require different factors to reach their goals. Our broad group of personal trainers are here to support whatever your needs, we will match the best person for your ambitions.




With a background in professional football, Andrew’s passion for fitness started from a young age. When Andrew suffered a career-threatening football injury,  he decided to turn his fitness passion into his profession and has loved every minute of helping change people’s lives through health and fitness. Andrew specializes in strength and conditioning, gym confidence, and body transformations. Andrew is a big believer that a strong mindset is the key to pushing the body to it’s maximum potential. Andrew cares deeply about the service his clients receive and there’s nothing of more valuable to him than his clients finishing a session happy, confident, and feeling like they have achieved something brilliant. If you are looking to get Stronger , lose weight or to start enjoying training in the gym and feeling confident in the gym, then get in touch with Andrew! Email [email protected]



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Caroline initially came into the health and fitness industry as a Yoga teacher. She was inspired to train to teach Yoga after recovering from clinically diagnosed chronic fatigue syndrome through a Yoga practice. Caroline has numerous academic and fitness qualifications, including as a Pilates teacher and is for training disabled clients. She has wide experience of teaching Yoga, Pilates and health related fitness in health clubs, adult education, and in community outreach schemes.

Caroline’s work in movement carries a strong emphasis on spinal health, integrated holistic movement, core strength and breathing. Her work in Yoga is about facilitating others to open and develop physically, mentally and spiritually. As a Pilates teacher, she guides clients towards building patterns of fluid connected movement and all round connected strength to improve quality of movement in the activities of daily life, dance and athletic activities.